Why do you choose our Composite carbon


Why do you choose our Composite carbon?


3 days effective, 15 days get the stardard


We could face to different kinds of customers, focus on the water special polluted things and special conditional pollution, high efficiently Decomposing microorganisms to issue the best way of solution, increase the sewage treatment effect.

Our high lights as below:

1. start the new system and recover the old fast.

2. solve the Total nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, COD beyond the standard problem under the system.

3. upgrade the system ability of Impact resistance and stability.

4. solved the Sludge bulking.

5. upgrade the treatment capacity, decrease the cost, help the customers enlarge the scope

6. friendly to the environment, no second time pollution.


Can I only buy the Bioactive bacteria

Our bio tech is cooperative of bio adjust and bacteria, maybe you could not get the goal, our experts will help you the test, then plan the solution.

Only buy one type is not a good choice, we will be responsible for the result, so the customers better follow our suggest and reconfirm the budget.


About the shelf life

Our products are usually 2-7days, because the adjust and management will deal with the microorganisms strongly.


Can I just add one time?

The products with life, so we have to feed them well, our team will help you to supervise the update of the situation, maintain the water piping out standard, add a bit on time to confirm the quality of the water.


Are you sure 15 days to get goal?

Normally we can confirm that your water could reach the standard on time, if with special issues, our team will inspect over and then modify into the updated solution.


May your products make our Biochemical system collapse?

Absolutely no, our chemicals will help your system active, more efficient, so you don’t need worry about anything to use.