We propose an optimal solution for total nitrogen treatment


The key point to the total nitrogen treatment


The total nitrogen is an important index for the water treatment performance, but in the real case TN Degradation is not an easy job.

To solve this problem, first we need to know what is the total nitrogen, it is an all in name for all kinds of nitrogen such as nitrate nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen and other inorganic nitrogen and amino acid, protein, organic amine and other organic nitrogen. Then to react them into Nitrogen to pipe out in the air.

The normal craft as ammonification, digestion, denitrification, any of the process with some kinds of microorganism to work, and different microorganism with different living condition, we have researched the pointed characters and design the best way for solution.

Most of the urban sewage treatment are good, except mixed with scope of volume industry sewage, the ammonia nitrogen content lower than the piping standard. But denitrification not as good as forward, we need to know that the only effective reaction is denitrification, although the index going down, but they will reacted as Nitrate and Nitrate remain in the water.


Our products and technology will use the Bioactivator mixed with biological nutrient and Composite carbon, work with bio system management, 3in1 solution, fast reaching the standard.