Low cost and stable fluoride removal / fluoride removal intelligent dosing control system


Changlong began to set up a team to engage in research on fluoride removal technology in the second half of 2017. The research and development team of stable and up-to-standard fluoride removal technology consists of 3 post-doctors, 4 masters and dozens of technical engineers. Aiming at the goal of low-cost and stable compliance with fluorine-excess water quality, a one-step deep fluorine removal technology, two-stage deep fluorine removal technology, and intelligent low-cost and stable fluorine removal technology have been developed. It has served many well-known domestic water affairs, power plants, pharmaceutical, coal chemical and other enterprises.

Fluoride removal agent

Changlong Technology has mainly developed two types of fluoride removal agents, type II and type III fluoride removal agents.


The related information of fluoride removal agent type II is as follows:

The relevant information of fluoride removal agent III is as follows:

Recently, the fluoride removal team of Changlong Technology introduced an intelligent dosing system for fluoride removal, which took advantage of the development trend of unattended water stations to effectively solve the fluctuations in sewage water quality and volume. The dosing metering pump was frequently manually adjusted, and the actual dosing amount was sometimes too small. , Pollution removal effect is not stable and other issues, make dosing easier.

(1) Automatic control architecture diagram

(2) Brief description of control


After the intelligent dosing controller collects the flow signal of the on-site electromagnetic flowmeter and the water quality parameters of the fluoride online detector, it optimizes the method to automatically adjust the dosage of the fluoride removal agent, so as to achieve the precise dosing of the fluoride removal agent, thereby reducing manual dosing and removal Waste of fluorine agent and save labor cost of fluorine-containing wastewater treatment enterprises. The water treatment effect is guaranteed while not wasting medicine. (Extended function: The intelligent dosing controller equipped with the Internet of Things module can start and stop the equipment remotely through the computer web interface or the WeChat applet on the mobile phone. The equipment can be controlled without leaving home. Real-time transmission of on-site storage tanks Dosage, arrange the medicine in time to prevent the medicine from being out of supply).


(3) Installation instructions for the dosing system

a) The intelligent dosing controller is newly configured on site as the dosing control of fluoride agent, which is no longer controlled by the central control room.

b) Install the fluoride online detector on site to understand the water quality parameters of sewage fluoride in real time, and transmit the signal to the dosing controller for dosing adjustment.

c) Divide the electromagnetic flowmeter signal from the central control room to the intelligent dosing controller so that the intelligent dosing controller can obtain the on-site water volume information.

d) Change the power supply of the on-site defluoridizer dosing pump to an intelligent dosing controller, and the intelligent dosing controller will automatically adjust the dosing.

(4) Improve results


[Ensure that the effluent reaches the standard] By adjusting the dosage of chemicals in real time, the sewage is treated efficiently and the risk of exceeding the standard is reduced.

[Unattended] Precise and automatic dosing. At the same time, the system can display the use of the medicament in real time, and it can be started remotely with one button, which saves the dosage of medicament and reduces the manpower for dosing.

[Reduce the cost of medicine] Intelligent dosing can effectively prevent the loss of 10%-20% of the medicine.