The 4th Expert Exchange Conference of Changlong Technology


The 4th Expert Exchange Conference of Changlong Technology was successfully held in the beautiful coastal city of Sanya. More than 80 water treatment industry experts, management consulting experts, legal experts, policy experts, and senior leaders and technical backbones of Chimelong Technology from all over the country discuss new technologies and changes in the industry, the company’s future development direction and strengthen experts’opinions Cooperation conducted in-depth exchanges.


 [Ten Billion Target] Accelerate growth and continue to improve

    At the meeting, Chairman Cai Zhenshan and President Chen Yuhui reviewed 2018 and looked forward to the future: In 2018, Chimelong Technology’s annual revenue growth rate exceeded 50%, and achieved good results in 7 aspects including product development and industrialization, product hierarchical management, and talent introduction. Achievement. On the other hand, 11 issues such as the docking of cooperation needs between Chimelong Technology and experts, cooperation models and evaluation methods need to be resolved as soon as possible.


    Academician Duan Ning (left), Dr. Su Tao (right)




Professor Li Fengting 、Mr. Cao Zixiang


Big coffee comingAcademicians share the collision of thoughts


    At the expert exchange meeting, Academician Duan Ning of the Chinese Academy of Engineering shared the technical theories and applications related to the spectrophotometric method in a simple and simple way with "The falling clouds and the lonely birds fly together, the autumn waters share the same color". Mr. Cao Zixiang, a management expert at Peking University, said that we must clarify the development strategy of the enterprise, formulate a reasonable technology development plan, and clarify the rights and responsibilities of all parties during the implementation of technology projects. Attorney Hou Zhichun from the Kyoto law firm used Huawei and Cisco as examples to emphasize the importance of intellectual property management for the development of enterprises. At the same time, he reminded that technology development should not blindly pursue innovation and should pay more attention to solving practical problems of users.

    At this meeting, a number of key technology research and development projects such as sludge reduction technology, biofilm technology, and fly ash stabilization technology were determined.

    [Achievement for you and me] Create a business together and share profits.

    At present, 29 well-known experts and professors at home and abroad have established long-term cooperative relations with Changlong. Chimelong Technology will further build a good cooperation mechanism, establish a community of interests between experts and Chimelong Technology, share results and create a better future.


     Mr. Chen Yuhui, President of Chimelong Technology.

    [Chimelong Technology] "Deep" loves talents, "Shenzhen" is waiting for you.

    Changlong Technology adheres to the concept of "reducing costs for customers and developing together with customers", and constantly develops environmental protection technologies and new environmental protection materials. We hope to cooperate with more relevant industry experts and technical elites, and contribute to the realization of the wish of "home watchers, blue water and blue sky".