The mobile phone measures 40 water quality parameters in one second, Shenzhen New Year launches 5 high-tech environmental protection technologies


The mobile phone measures 40 water quality parameters in one second, Shenzhen New Year launches 5 high-tech environmental protection technologies

On January 6, the National High-tech Enterprise Changlong Technology New Product Launch Conference was held in Shenzhen International Low-Carbon City. The launch event was based on the theme of "Creating Value and Common Development". The Guangdong Provincial Monitoring Center, Changlong Cooperative Enterprises, Industry Associations, and Environmental Protection More than 100 guests including enthusiasts and media colleagues attended the press conference and introduced 5 high-tech environmental protection technologies. On-site experts said that the launch of the five environmental protection technologies marked a big step forward in Shenzhen's environmental protection technology research and development.


1. Kubaru: Total Nitrogen Upgrading Technology-Effective in three days, worry-free upgrading


This technology organically combines bio-enhancement, composite carbon source and process debugging, introduces high-efficiency denitrification composite bacteria, adds non-toxic, harmless and low-cost composite carbon source, and passes through municipal sewage, coal chemical wastewater, slaughter wastewater and quasi-surface 4 types According to the application practice of water and other customers, the total nitrogen improvement technology can achieve results in 3 days and reach the standard in 15 days. Changlong Technology New Product Launch Conference


2. Degreasing and purification technology-clean production changes the environment


With cleaner production, energy saving and emission reduction as the core, this product can reduce the amount of cleaning agent by 50% for vacuum, PCB and other industries, and reduce the discharge of degreasing wastewater by more than 50%, which can help companies reduce the concentration of pollutants and reduce environmental protection costs. solution.


3. Schidelang: Laboratory pure water system solution expert


Schidelang: Pure water equipment: a laboratory water purifier with water quality better than the third-grade water standard in the laboratory, easy to maintain, and capable of intelligent automatic and remote monitoring. Compared with the distillation machine, the operating cost can be reduced by 98%, and the equipment cost and maintenance cost can be reduced by 50% compared with the traditional pure water equipment.


4. Quick detection wizard-a colorimetric mobile phone APP


This product is an efficient detection technology, with simple operation (colorimetric steps are executed by the mobile phone APP), fast use (less than 2S for a single colorimetry), and low cost (you can use it with a mobile phone). The current product features It covers more than 40 water quality parameters such as Cd2+, Ni2+, ammonia nitrogen and COD, which greatly meets the requirements of the rapid inspection market. According to the on-site R&D personnel, it takes only one second to measure more than 40 water quality parameters with a mobile phone.


5. Heavy metal capture agent-deep removal of heavy metals in industrial wastewater


This product mainly solves the problem of advanced treatment of heavy metals in wastewater in electroplating, PCB and surface treatment industries, and uses multiple chelating groups on the molecule to chelate heavy metal ions to form insoluble substances and precipitate and remove them.