The company's new water purification agent production base was officially launched


A few days ago, the water purification agent production base of Xiangyang Gade Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. under our company was officially launched, and the water purification agent project with an annual output of 400,000 tons of polyferric sulfate production base was signed to enter the Nanzhang Economic Development Zone. This water purifying agent project was introduced by the Investment Promotion Bureau of Nanzhang County. The site is located in Chengnan Industrial Park. It covers an area of 30 acres and has a total investment of 26 million yuan, including 21 million yuan in fixed assets and an annual production capacity of 400,000 tons. The project is completed Later, it can realize an output value of 35 million yuan per year and a tax of 5.5 million yuan per year.

According to the company's unified deployment, Xiangyang Gade Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd. will immediately start land leveling and wall construction projects after the conditions are met to ensure that the investment amount is not less than 26 million yuan, and strive to complete the project within the year and enter the central China. The market has taken a solid step to start the Central China market, providing customers with continuous and stable pharmaceuticals and supporting technical services.

Establish 12 production bases (3 of which are under construction) of water treatment chemicals (polyferric sulfate, phosphorus removal agents, ammonia nitrogen removers, etc.), biological agents, and water treatment equipment across the country to provide necessary protection for customers environmental protection needs .

Chimelong production base layout

Fifteen production bases nationwide, respectively in Shenzhen, Yunfu, Wuzhou, Ningbo, Chongqing, Huai'an, Nanjing, Shandong Zibo, Yantai, Binzhou, Heyuan, Deyang, Dongguan, Xiangyang, Yixing, with an annual output of 4 million tons of various pharmaceuticals.

Layout of polyferric sulfate production base


The production product series include phosphorus removal agents, membrane special agents, soil treatment agents, biological bacteria agents, polyferric sulfate, automatic dosing systems, integrated equipment, biological flocculants, sludge water reducers, traditional agents, and sewage station intelligent systems , High-dry sludge dewatering equipment and other targeted and efficient agents and equipment systems. Pharmaceuticals and equipment are exported to the United States, Australia, Britain, Brazil, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Angola, South Africa and other countries and regions, and are well received by customers from all over the world.