How to use polyaluminum chloride (PAC) for the best effect?


Polyaluminum chloride is abbreviated as polyaluminum, and its English name is PAC. It is a cationic inorganic polymer flocculant with polyhydroxy and polynuclear complexes. The appearance of the solid product is yellow or white solid powder, and the appearance of the liquid product is light yellow liquid. Its chemical formula is [Al2(OH)nCl6-n]m (where 1≤n≤5, m≤10), and it is easily soluble in water, has strong bridging adsorption, and is accompanied by electricity during the hydrolysis process. Physical and chemical changes such as chemistry, condensation, adsorption and precipitation, so as to achieve the purpose of purification.
Polyaluminum chloride can absorb pollutants in the water, form fine crystals, effectively remove the color quality SS, COD, BOD, arsenic, mercury and other heavy metal ions in the water, and is widely used in the purification of various sewage.

The difference and application of PAC
1. White polyaluminum chloride
A new type of water purification material developed in recent years, specialized in food, drinking water, urban water supply, water purification for precision manufacturing, paper industry, medicine, sugar refining, cosmetic additives, daily chemical industry, etc. It has a very wide range of applications , The purity is very high, and the price is also the highest.
2. Light yellow polyaluminum chloride
The medium-to-high series products second to white polyaluminum chloride are mainly used for drinking water treatment. Among them, the content of heavy metals is relatively strict, especially the drinking water-grade polyaluminum chloride products we produce. The water after treatment with it is not clarified. Precipitation, Al2O3 content is about 30 (±0.5), fine powder, uniform particles, good flocculation effect, high efficiency and stability of purification, low dosage and low cost. It is a special water treatment flocculant for major water plants with long-term cooperation.
3. Golden yellow polyaluminum chloride
At present, the most widely used polyaluminum chloride on the market is a high-efficiency flocculant used in sewage treatment. It has a good flocculation effect. Therefore, it is the best choice for industrial water supply, industrial wastewater, industrial water recycling and urban sewage treatment.
4. Brown, brown, coffee color polyaluminum chloride
In response to the special requirements of individual customers for water treatment, the water treatment products produced have higher iron content than other polyaluminum chloride product series, so the color is darker than golden yellow. It is highly effective for low temperature, low turbidity, high algae sewage, and is mainly used for the treatment of drinking water, urban water supply, industrial water supply purification, etc.