What is the price difference of polyaluminum chloride?


As we all know, polyaluminum chloride is a raw material for water purification, and it is the first choice for many users in the market to purchase water purifiers. However, with the development of the market, the number of manufacturers' sales is increasing, and the supply of polyaluminum chloride varies depending on the price.

First of all, when we use polyaluminum chloride, we can dilute the product according to the turbidity of our own sewage and control the best use of polyaluminum chloride. It saves costs and works well. Then, when purchasing polyaluminum chloride, the user's cost is also more important.

If you use less, you can choose a polyaluminum chloride manufacturer close to your own unit because the transportation cost is higher than the distance. The amount of sewage you need to treat every day is huge. You can consider purchasing directly from the manufacturer of the polyaluminum chloride production base. There are abundant raw materials rich in polyaluminum chloride raw materials. Generally speaking, the price is relatively low,

remind everyone that when choosing a manufacturer, you should choose polyaluminum chloride PAC according to the local water quality. The water quality of polyaluminum chloride produced by different manufacturers is different, such as the pH value and water temperature of the water. Water turbidity, etc. If it is good to use a certain specification of polyaluminum chloride at present, you can also buy it according to the current specification. At present, the technology of these products is basically the same. As long as the standard is basically the same effect, which one is cheap and easy to use is the key .

It is also very important that you can ask why the polyaluminum chloride varies so much during the consultation process, some of which are more than 1,000, and some of them are more than 3,000. In fact, polyaluminum chloride has polyaluminum chloride for sewage treatment. There is also polyaluminum chloride used in drinking water treatment. The polyaluminum chloride used to treat drinking water is definitely more expensive than sewage.

At the same time, many users will have questions about why the price of polyaluminum chloride varies so much, from the cheaper price of more than 1,000 to the expensive price of more than 3,000. What are the specific differences? In fact, the use of polyaluminum chloride will also affect it. For example, it can be used for sewage treatment, but also for drinking water treatment, then the polyaluminum chloride used for drinking water purification must be more expensive than this product for sewage treatment.

Therefore, when purchasing polyaluminum chloride, users should choose the right products according to their different uses.