Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Innovation Competition Chimelong Technology Creates Great Results


On January 3, the semi-finals of the first China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Innovation Application Competition was held in Beijing China Workers' Home Hotel. This competition is a national charity event jointly organized by China Environmental Protection Federation, China Energy Conservation Association, and China Circular Economy Association. It aims to build a social service platform for energy conservation and environmental protection technology innovation and industrial application, and to discover and promote the application of advanced energy conservation and environmental protection Technology and innovation results solve my country’s urgent resource and environmental problems and meet the people’s new expectations for a good environment.

Chimelong Technology closely focuses on the theme of the competition "green development, innovation-driven", and actively participates in the work of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly innovative technologies.

After intense preliminary competitions, Chimelong Technology entered the semi-finals with the following 2 projects:

(1) Engineering application of ammonia nitrogen recycling technology-this technology uses a hydrophobic hollow fiber membrane as the deamination membrane. The hydrophobic microporous structure provides a thin gas film structure between the two liquid phases, allowing The gaseous ammonia passes through but prevents the liquid phase from passing, thereby achieving the separation of ammonia and nitrogen. This technology has the characteristics of large mass transfer driving force. The effluent ammonia nitrogen can be as low as 1ppm, the energy consumption is low, and the operating cost is low. The by-products are ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride and ammonium nitrate, etc., which can be reused or exported to realize ammonia nitrogen resources Polyferric sulfate.

(2) Research and application of high-performance series of inorganic polymer water treatment coagulants-this technology uses titanium dioxide to produce by-product ferrous sulfate and dilute sulfuric acid as the main raw materials, combined with the patented production technology of Changlong Technology, and in-depth study of raw materials Formula and process mechanism production, and obtained high-efficiency polymer ferric sulfate series polymer coagulant. The technology not only reduces production costs, but also realizes the comprehensive utilization of resources from waste. At the same time, the product has low corrosiveness, low dosage, and low pH requirements of the water body. It is suitable for all kinds of complex dispersion system wastewater.


Zhou Xiaofeng and Wang Nana, the technical leaders of Changlong Science and Technology, respectively conducted on-site reports on the participating projects, made full use of professional knowledge, and combined actual cases to fully elaborate on the innovation, environmental protection and resource utilization of technology, and obtained The unanimous agreement of the participating experts and representatives.

In the future, Chimelong Technology will continue to increase the research and development of energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies, promote the application of advanced energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies and innovative results, and contribute to solving my country's urgent resource and environmental problems.