National Demonstration Base for Recycling Waste Acid! Settled in Changlong!


On January 4th, the National Waste Acid Resource Demonstration Base (hereinafter referred to as the Demonstration Base) and the Research Institute for Recycling Waste Acid Resources were formally established in Shenzhen Changlong Ke Changlong Technology and Leaders Technology Co., Ltd. The waste acid recycling project will kick off a new prelude. Among them, Fang Jianguo, director of the Circular Economy Technology Achievement Promotion Center, Qu Ruijing, deputy director, and Cai Zhenshan, chairman of Changlong Technology, attended the signing ceremony.


During the meeting, Chimelong Technology Marketing Director Chen Yanfang briefly introduced Chimelong Technology to all participants. Chairman Cai Zhenshan introduced the progress and future of our company’s waste acid recycling project to the participants of the Circular Economy Technology Achievement Transformation Promotion Center. The development strategy of the project.


It is reported that the demonstration base is jointly built by the Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Center of China Circular Economy Association and Shenzhen Changlong Technology Co., Ltd., aiming to use the existing platform to establish a waste acid resource demonstration base of the China Circular Economy Technology Achievement Transformation Center, and waste acid Resource Research Institute, to jointly build and share the platform for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of China's circular economy.  

The demonstration base has the following scope of business:  

The establishment of the demonstration base in Shenzhen is a new stage of the national waste acid recycling progress. In order to promote the preparation work more effectively, the South China Office of the Circular Economy Technology Achievement Transformation Promotion Center was set up in Changlong Technology Co., Ltd. to take charge of the center in South China. Activities such as regional business, technology development and cooperation platform construction.