How to preserve ferrous sulfate?


Ferrous sulfate produced by Chimelong Technology is blue-green monoclinic crystals or particles, odorless, commonly known as "alum", soluble in water solution for light green.The surface is oxidized to brown basic ferric sulfate in moist air after weathering in dry air.

Ferrous sulphate can be used as chromatographic reagent and spot analysis for determination of platinum, selenium, nitrite and nitrate.Ferrous sulfate can also be used as a reducing agent, the manufacture of ferrite, water purification, polymerization catalyst, photographic plate.

Ferrous sulfate has a very strong oxidation, so how to preserve ferrous sulfate in peacetime can not be oxidized?

In view of the unique properties of ferrous sulfate, Chimelong Technology tells you that the usual preservation of ferrous sulfate need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Place in a cool and ventilated place;

2. Keep away from fires and heat sources, avoid direct sunlight as much as possible, and keep away from light;

3, sealed packaging, not contact with air, prevent moisture;

4, and oxidants, alkali substances and other need to be stored separately, do not mix storage.

In consideration of the above requirements, ferrous sulphate should be stored in a low temperature, ventilated and dry warehouse, separate from food raw materials.

If ferrous sulphate demand is small, should choose a suitable place to store, if the company procurement or agents bulk purchase, should pay attention to the storage location of ferrous sulphate, in the storage of ferrous sulphate place should have appropriate materials, used for the capture of leakage.

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