Global Water treatment Chemicals Market Outlook


Industrial water treatment and municipal water treatment, water treatment chemicals used in the various categories, such as flocculating agent, chelating agent, corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, disinfection/fungicide, defoaming agent, pH regulator, ion exchanger, etc., the role played by the different products, such as filtration, sterilization, flocculation, defoaming, ions and oxygen, etc., and different categories of products can be subdivided into many category, such as flocculant containing aluminum sulfate, poly aluminum chloride, ferric sulfate and ferric chloride products, disinfectant containing chlorine dioxide and the hypochlorite, etc.

From the perspective of the global water treatment chemicals market, the growth rate in the past five years has been stable. The global demand in 2019 is about 40 million tons, and it is expected that the global revenue will maintain a CAGR growth rate of 6% by 2025.

In the municipal sector, global demand for clean water, especially drinking water, in urban and rural areas, will drive future growth in municipal water use, while increased government investment in promoting water recycling due to the shortage of available water resources in many countries will also drive the growth of the water treatment chemicals market.

Global water treatment chemicals

From the region, the asia-pacific, North America and Europe as the three major regional markets, Asia Pacific, thanks to the rapid growth of economy and the public environmental consciousness enhancement government intend to more positive in the sewage disposal, differs from that of developed economies relatively perfect system of sewage treatment, such as China, India, southeast Asia and other regions due to the recent industrialization process, produced a lot of industrial wastewater treatment, combined with the regional many poor areas such as the need for clean drinking water, the asia-pacific will be in the future faster-growing areas of water treatment chemicals.

In the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and other places, the demand for water treatment chemicals is relatively small.

In the regional market, take Europe as an example for analysis.The demand for water treatment chemicals in Western Europe is many times higher than that in Eastern Europe. However, from the perspective of growth rate, it is estimated that by 2025, the growth rate in Eastern Europe will be faster than that in Western Europe, mainly driven by the dual demand of eastern Europe's stock market and new capacity market, while Western Europe mainly updates the stock market.In terms of category, the market size of disinfection and sterilization water treatment chemicals in Europe has already exceeded 3 billion yuan in 2019. Compared with scale inhibitors, anti-corrosive agents, flocculants and other products with large consumption in Europe, the relatively small market size of sterilization water treatment chemicals market is expected to continue to grow at a relatively low speed.

Global scale of water treatment chemicals

There are many categories of water treatment chemicals. As the prices of different products vary greatly, there is a large gap between the volume market share and the income market share in the classified market. For example, flocculants and pH conditioners are relatively cheap, while defoaming agents, scale inhibitors and corrosion inhibitors are relatively expensive.

Flocculants benefit from the widespread use of membrane filtration technology, pH regulators benefit from their increasing use to regulate the pH value of groundwater, and defoamer, a necessity in some industrial water treatment processes, will benefit from the expansion of the global industrial sector