Winter operation measures for water station


1. Insulation of structures and facilities

In order to ensure the normal operation of heating equipment in winter, the heating equipment and heating pipelines in the WWTP should be thoroughly inspected and maintained before entering winter to ensure continuous normal operation during the winter heating period. The heating needs to meet the following requirements: ensure that the minimum indoor temperature in each production workshop at night is kept above 5°C. Pay attention to the closed doors and windows, install cotton curtains on the workshop doors, pay special attention to the changes in indoor temperature during inspections, and keep warm wells that are easy to freeze, such as sewage tanks, primary sedimentation tanks, and venting of primary sedimentation tanks. Valve well chambers, etc., as well as various sewage, sludge, air, dosing pipelines and valves, should be protected against freezing. For pipelines exposed outdoors, they should be wrapped with insulation cotton and insulation felt. For some intermittently transporting liquid pipelines, they should be outside the pipeline. Winding the heating cable to ensure that the liquid in the pipeline does not get frozen.

In addition, sludge and sewage are easy to freeze in severe cold environments, and outdoor facilities often freeze up and freeze. It is necessary to strengthen the inspection work of each treatment unit of the water plant, including process inspection and equipment inspection, and timely discovery Abnormal situations during operation shall be dealt with in time.

2. Maintenance and maintenance of facilities

After freezing in winter, the maintenance of equipment and facilities will be transferred from outdoor to indoor work. Maintenance and repair of key equipment should be done in advance, and the replacement of equipment lubricants and grease injection work should be completed before the arrival of winter, especially for The aeration and sludge discharge systems are systematically overhauled to ensure that key equipment does not have major failures in winter.

After entering the winter, all sewage treatment areas and sludge treatment areas must maintain continuous operation, and all structures are not allowed to be empty after entering the winter season to avoid freezing and thawing of water in the pool. The operating status of the equipment should be adjusted according to actual production needs. Generally, the equipment runs intermittently, and the operating time should be adjusted appropriately during winter operation, and the intermittent operation should be changed to continuous operation. The opening of the blower air inlet valve should be properly controlled at the low limit to prevent the temperature from being too low and causing overload and shutdown due to excessive current. The grid scum, scum, and dehydrated sludge shall be cleaned and transported in time.

3. Collection and analysis of production data

To strengthen the collection, sorting, statistics and analysis of production data, special attention should be paid to strengthening the statistical analysis of data, and the conclusions of data analysis should be better applied to know the adjustment and adjustment of production operations. The normal operation of online instrument facilities should be ensured, the accuracy of data acquisition and uploading should be ensured, and the monitoring role of online instruments should be fully utilized. The reliability of data is the prerequisite for data analysis. At the same time, the ability of laboratory analysis should be strengthened to carry out effective and guidance Meaningful data analysis.