congratulate! Honghong Dong, Ph.D. of Changlong Technology, was awarded the 25th Anniversary Excellent Postdoctoral Fellow in Shenzhen!


Shenzhen 25th Anniversary Excellent Postdoctoral Award

On December 12, the 25th Anniversary Symposium of Shenzhen Postdoctoral Work and the First Shenzhen Postdoctoral Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum was held in Shenzhen Talent Park. Cheng Buyi, member of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Organization, attended the event, the postdoctoral innovation practice base of Changlong Water Treatment Research Institute Dr. Zhou Xiaofeng, the director, and Dr. Honghong Dong, the director of the Microbiology Technology Center participated in this event.

At the meeting, the "Shenzhen Postdoctoral Work 25th Anniversary Outstanding Postdoctoral" list was announced. Dr. Dong Honghong from our company was awarded the Shenzhen Postdoctoral Work 25th Anniversary Excellent Postdoctoral!

Dr. Dong Honghong is the director of the Microbiological Technology Center of Changlong Science and Technology Water Treatment Research Institute. Since his appointment, he has established the Changlong Science and Technology Kubaru® Biological Water Treatment Technology Center with dozens of field service engineers and post-doctors from the Shenzhen Peacock Program of Changlong Science and Technology. .

Kubaru® Biological Water Treatment Technology formulates biochemical solutions according to customers' water treatment needs. By optimizing various operating parameters and unique enhanced technology, special microorganisms can multiply rapidly in the system to improve the stability of the biochemical system and improve the activated sludge. The population structure of the system, the purpose of improving the vitality of the system microorganisms.

Honghong Dong, Ph.D. of Changlong Technology

Kubaru® biological water treatment technology has developed a series of products such as carbon source, low temperature resistant nitrifying bacteria, salt tolerant, low temperature resistant denitrifying bacteria, and microbial nutrients. It has the characteristics of high bioavailability, fast startup speed, strong biological activity, safety, strong impact resistance, good stability, simple operation, non-toxic and harmless, and biologically friendly products.

Product Introduction

Composite carbon source

Promote the rapid propagation of denitrification and denitrification heterotrophic bacteria and improve the removal effect of total nitrogen in sewage.

The composite carbon source

Total nitrogen activating bacteria

Rapid degradation of nitrogenous compounds such as nitrate nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen in wastewater, and it is also applicable to high salt and low temperature environments.

Ammonia nitrogen activation

Ammonia-activated bacteria

COD activated bacteria

Effectively degrade COD in water, enhance dominant flora, and inhibit the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms.

COD activating bacteria

Biological deodorant

Effectively degrade organic matter, ammonia nitrogen and sulfide, react quickly and reduce malodor.

Biological deodorant