Changlong Technology 2020 Annual Summary and Expert Technical Exchange Conference was successfully held!


Changlong Technology 2020 Annual Summary and Expert Technical Exchange Conference was successfully held!

Shenzhen Changlong Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on environmental technology. In recent years, the company has actively organized technical exchange meetings with well-known domestic industry experts, through expert meeting exchanges and technical training, to enhance the professional level of the company's technical personnel and promote the company's environmental technology development.

From January 11 to 13, 2020, the "2020 Annual Summary and Expert Technical Exchange Conference" hosted by Chimelong Technology was held at Shenzhen Chimelong Technology Headquarters. Dozens of well-known domestic experts and scholars attended the meeting. Chimelong Technology PhD The team and outstanding employees participate in the meeting. This meeting summarized and analyzed the development and operation status of Changlong Technology in 2020, and discussed and exchanged advanced technologies for environmental pollution prevention and control, response strategies and management experience.

Cai Zhenshan, Chairman of Changlong Technology, delivered a speech, emphasizing that "without R&D, there is no future"! For a long time, Chimelong Technology has continuously absorbed outstanding talents, expanded its technology research and development team, and enhanced product competitiveness. Mr. Zixiang Cao, a management consultant from Peking University, affirmed the development and improvement of Chimelong Technology in the past year, and also emphasized the importance of "investment in research and development", and pointed out that the development of the enterprise will face many challenges in 2021, and the enterprise team needs to continuously improve response.

To promote development, it is necessary to enhance professional technical strength and break through environmental governance problems. At the meeting, industry experts such as Zheng Yajie, Li Fengting, Gao Baoyu, Li Runsheng, Zhang Bingru, Yue Qinyan, Hu Yongyou, Zheng Huaili, Wang Zhining, Liu Ge, Li Mingyu and other industry experts respectively analyzed the comprehensive utilization of bauxite reaction slag and the market analysis of iron salt coagulant , Coagulation science and technology and application, optimization of coagulant products, treatment of reverse osmosis reagents and concentrated brine, application research of biomass-based graphene, treatment status of printing and dyeing industrial wastewater, typical sludge conditioning and deep dehydration, water Exchanges and sharing were conducted in the research and development of treatment membranes and the development and utilization of ferrous sulfate.

This conference not only conducted exchanges on company management and environmental protection technology, but at the same time, lawyer Lin Lekui, executive director of the Guangdong International Chinese Chamber of Commerce, also interpreted the environmental regulations in the Civil Code that came into effect on January 1, 2021. Said that the green principle is a clear sign of the "Civil Code" in responding to environmental challenges, conforming to the requirements of social development, and responding to the people's demand for a green environment. The implementation of the "Civil Code" is conducive to the development of the industry, and enterprises should be prepared to respond. "Becoming a world-class enterprise in the environmental field" is Chimelong Technology's persistent goal. The holding of this expert exchange meeting provides guidance and assistance for the company's professional technology improvement, and it also allows Chimelong Technology to more clearly define its direction and step forward. In 2021, Chimelong Technology will also continue to adhere to the concept of "creating value for customers and satisfying customers", and use higher-level technology and better services to help customers achieve low-cost and stable compliance!