Taizhou government led a team to inspect Changlong Technology, and Changlong's national factory layout is speeding up!


At the end of May this year, Changlong Technology reached a cooperation agreement with a water treatment pharmaceutical company in Taizhou, Zhejiang, and planned to purchase land and build a factory in Taizhou. The local leaders attached great importance to this and responded quickly.


On the morning of June 9, 2020, Director Zhao Feng of the Shenzhen Office of Taizhou Luqiao District led a team to the Shenzhen headquarters of Chimelong Technology for inspection and guidance. Director Zhao and his party brought many local investment promotion policies to Changlong and expressed their welcome to Changlong to invest locally.

Since the beginning of this year, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the operating pressure of water treatment customers has increased sharply, and the demand for reducing water treatment costs has become more urgent. In the face of these situations, how to reduce production costs while ensuring quality and delivery, and continuously improve and innovate to meet customer needs has become a major problem for various water treatment pharmaceutical companies. With the economic downturn coupled with the new crown epidemic, it has become an inevitable trend for the pharmaceutical industry to seek resource integration and achieve complementary advantages and common development!

Changlong Technology issued the "Water Treatment Agent Plant Cooperation Notice" on April 2, 2020, seeking iron, aluminum, and organic pharmaceutical benchmarking factories across the country to cooperate, hoping to share technology, market and management resources with various partners. Together to become a promoter of water treatment chemicals and a contributor to industry value.

After the cooperation notice was issued, the response was enthusiastic. At present, many water treatment pharmaceutical companies have conducted in-depth discussions with Changlong on cooperation matters and confirmed their cooperation intentions.

Changlong Technology has been deeply involved in the field of water treatment technology for 17 years and is the first company in the industry to propose a national layout. Currently, it has 21 pharmaceutical factories across the country and has set a goal of building 100 factories across the country within three years.