From executor to organizer! —— Changlong pacesetter Liu Siai


Changlong Technology  Comprehensive Management Center

Figure Changlong Science and Technology Comprehensive Management Center

Part 1 HR responsibility

In March 2020, Liu Siai joined the Human Resources Department of the Comprehensive Management Center in charge of recruitment, entry and resignation and other human resources work. Facing the unfamiliar environmental protection industry, in order to understand the needs and responsibilities of each position more quickly and comprehensively, she proactively communicated with the head of the employing department about recruitment needs, improved the job profile, and analyzed the situation of the employing department’s team during the interview process. Into the working state. In the first month of employment, the average number of employees per week is over 8 people.

Faced with the employment needs of the company's development, in 9 months, Liu Si'ai personally recruited a total of 237 people, and currently 160 people (including 10 PhDs) are on the job, which provides a guarantee for the company's development personnel needs. Was rated as "Changlong Technology 2020 Key Progress Items", Liu Siai won the"Changlong Technology 2020 Diamond Award"!She also has her own set of working methods for completing tasks with such high efficiency and high quality.

Part 2 From executor to organizer

Make a plan and focus on:

Before the start of the new week's work, Liu Siai always uses a little time on the weekend to sort out the work for the next week. She said that this is an indispensable part of her work. In a dozen minutes, she will list the work for next week and draw out the key points. In this way, no matter how busy she is, she will work in an orderly manner.

From executor to organizer:

The recruitment process is complicated, and how to simplify and efficiently recruit suitable candidates is also a question of thinking.

She started from two aspects. On the one hand, she considered from the perspective of job seekers and arranged telephone interviews and interviews in line with the actual situation of job seekers. The meticulous and cordial attitude also greatly increased the goodwill of job seekers and increased the chances of interviews; on the other hand, she arranged telephone interviews and interviews. In terms of learning to transition from an executor to an organizer.

Before fully understanding the company's situation and needs, HR needs to personally understand, which includes corporate culture, business, team, etc., and then gradually needs to become an organizer and make good use of company resources to do a good job of recruiting.

For example, there are nearly 120 recruits every quarter and nearly 80 recruiting positions. Individuals alone cannot support the organization's talent needs. At this time, resources must be used well. After the resume is checked, the resume is sent to the person in charge of the employing department. The department reviews its technical capabilities, and at this time it will eliminate the first batch of unqualified personnel; after the technical interview is passed, the comprehensive literacy will be communicated a second time to confirm whether to hire or eliminate. The interview time was simplified from nearly 2 hours to 1 hour for each interview, avoiding duplication of work.

Multi-faceted thinking:

Liu Siai also has his own views on how to judge whether a job applicant is suitable for the company's position. She believes that job seekers not only need to have the corresponding job abilities, but also need to consider the fit with the team.

In work, teamwork is a must. In addition, more importantly, whether the job seeker's own personal development planning goals fit the corporate culture is also the focus of the assessment.

Part 3 Learning is endless

As a human resource, Liu Siai also has a certain plan for her own work. She said that she hopes to become an "HRBP", an HR who understands business.

To understand the business is to know the key control points of organizational activities, the requirements of each control point on people, the core indicators of each control point, etc., and a clear understanding of each process node will eventually have a more comprehensive business for the entire department , Deep understanding, understand the business pain points of each link, so as to better realize the organization's human resource strategy and planning.

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