Research center of Water treatment chemicals


Research center 

We are focusing on training the creative environmental industry talents, the center which built in 2016 is a doctors creative basement, we built many labs like water treatment research, bio tech research, equipment research, test&analysis multiple field at the same time.  

Our team



More than 100 members, 13 doctors, 20 masters, covered bio, water treatment chemical, environmental project, chemical industry, mechanical, testing fields, employ all nation’s universities professors, more than 30 fame company seniors as advisers, to build up strong research team.



Every year we release more than 3 million USD for R&D, a 4000sqm lab, 2 million high tech equipment.  



We word hard for the technology creating, self research, water treatment R&D and application, clean process and operation, daily using water treatment, testing method, equipment development, and we have got a lot of achievements in these fields, to build complete knowledge management policy.