Ferrous sulfate


Ferrous sulfate


Blue and green crystals or particles, no smelly, in wet condition will be fixed by oxidation, could mixed with water but not alcohol, to be different chemical character as FeSO4·H2O(water alum), FeSO4·4H2O,  FeSO4·5H2O (iron alum), FeSO4·7H2O (green alum). 




Good reducing agent, to be a poison gas in the high temp, lose water in the dry condition, PH<7, easy be to the Ferric sulfate under the oxidation.




To make the iron salt, iron oxide pigment, mordant, Water purifier, preservative, disinfectant, moss and lichen removal.

1. water treatment chemical

Using for sewage flocculation, removing the urban and industry phosphate, defend the eutrophication of water. 

2. reduction

Using for reduction, remove the chromate in the water and mud. 


3. medicine

Cue the anaemia, don’t take for long time to prohibit the abdominal pain and nausea. 


4. Colorants

iron gall ink and the wood pigment mordant need the ferrous sulfate.


5. agriculture

Adjust the PH of earth, promote the chlorophyll, called the Iron fertilizer;

Also can be the pesticides to cue the wooden chlorosis(RTYV/GPY), wheat Smut, apple and pear Scab, fruit tree Canker; 

As fertilizer, can remove the moss and lichen. 


6. chemical analysis

Using as Chromatographic reagents.