Polymerized ferrous sulfate


Polymerized ferrous sulfate


Poly ferrous sulfate(PFS) is high effective Inorganic polymer coagulant, yellow solid, and very easy to dissolved in water, then become the red&brown liquid. 

It is widely used for drinking water, industrial water, urban&rural sewage, Sludge dewatering, etc.




It is new and high quality iron salt flocculant, better coagulation, settled fast;

good water purify performance, no Chloride ion, Aluminum ion, Iron ion water phase transfer;

Remove turbidity, decolorization, deoiling, dehydration, sterilization, deodorization and algae removal, also remove the COD/BOD and metal ion; 

Better to treat the Micro pollution, including algae, Low temperature and low turbidity raw water purifying, high turbidity raw water.    




Apply for industry water treatment like rare earth sewage, printing and dyeing sewage, electroplate sewage, paper making sewage.