Pac polyaliminium chloride chemicals
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Pac polyaliminium chloride chemicals

Pac polyaliminium chloride chemicals,Alumina 26%-30%,

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Product Description

Product Introduction

Pac polyaliminium chloride chemicals,Alumina 26%-30%,


1. Odorless light yellow to yellowish white powder or white powder.

2. Odorless transparent to yellow liquid or yellow brown liquid.

Quality Standard

1. Executive standard : GB 15892-2009.

2. Our company complies “Safety standard of manufacturing company concerning the drinking water and it’s healthy and safety products”.

3. The product complies “Safety and healthy evaluation standard of water treatment chemicals for daily drinking water”.


1. Its effective content is high with low treating costs. It is suitable for daily drinking water purification for its high active degree.

2. It is with good coagulation function by forming big and dense alumen ustum particles with high precipitation speed and separating the poisonous materials from water in this way.

3. It has the advantages of rapid coagulation reaction, strong electronic neutralization and destabilization ability with long molecular chain and bridging quickly, which can overcome the difficulties of water treatment in low temperature and low turbidity condition, as well as has a better treatment effect towards iron, fluoride, arsenic and bacteria in water.

4. Higher basicity than other aluminium salt and ferric salt, excellent solubility and less corrosion to the equipment.

5. This product is produced by industrial synthetic hydrochloric acid, activated aluminum hydroxide powder, calcium aluminate powder as raw materials.

Application Area

Water treatment, flocculant; suitable for the purification of drinking water, special water quality treatment of water supply, iron removal, cadmium removal, fluoride removal, oil removal, etc. It is also suitable for industrial wastewater treatment, such as printing and dyeing wastewater. It is also widely used in papermaking, medicine, and leather making.

1. Mainly used for purification of drinking water and industrial water supply, widely used in the treatment of industrial wastewater and chemical wastewater.

2. It is also widely used in industrial production. It is used as sizing agent, printing and dyeing bleaching, cement accelerator, precision casting hardener, refractory adhesive, glycerin refining, cloth anti-wrinkle, medicine, cosmetics and other industries in papermaking.

3 Polyaluminum chloride is a solid product, and the liquid product is colorless or light yellow, tan transparent or translucent liquid. Solid products are easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate, soluble in water. The pharmaceutical preparation concentration is about 10%. This product is a cationic polymer flocculant and is widely used in wastewater treatment.

Polyaluminum chloride inorganic polymer compound, the floc is formed quickly, the activity is good, and the filterability is good; there is no need to add alkaline additives.If it is deliquesced, its effect is unchanged; it has a wide PH value, strong adaptability, and a wide range of uses; Less salt in treated water

Less salt in treated water

Quality Specification

Name of IndexType IType II


Mass Fraction of Al2O3, % ≥29.010.0

Density(20℃), g/cm3 ≥——1.2

Basicity, %40.0-90.0

Mass Fraction of Insoluble matters, % ≤0.6

pH Value(10g/L Water Solution)3.5-5.0

Mass Fraction of As, % ≤0.0002

Mass Fraction of Pb, % ≤0.001

Mass Fraction of Cd, % ≤0.0002

Mass Fraction of Hg, % ≤0.00001

Mass Fraction of Cr6+, % ≤0.0005

Note: The values of As, Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr6+, insolubles of liquid product in this table are counted by the data standard of 10% Al2O3. When the actual content of Al2O3 is higher than 10%, all the data should be converted into10% Al2O3 in proportion.

How to Use

Solid product:

1. The solid product can be easily dissolved. To make it fully dissolved with tap water in dissolving tank according to a certain concentration(2-5%) before use.

2. The amount of dosage should be determined by the testing, which is usually one third to a half of the amount of solid aluminum sulfate under the same conditions.

3. To prepare it to 10% solution with good stability for 30 days.

Liquid product:

1. The liquid product can be diluted with water or be added directly before use.

2. The dosage can be confirmed by a small test of the different turbidity of original water. Generally, when the turbidity of original water is 100-500mg/L, the suitable dosage is 10-20Kg per kiloton.

The dosage can be confirmed by a small test of the different turbidity of original water.

Packing, Storage and Transportation

1. This solid product is packed with 25kg woven bag lined with PE bag. Keep under cool, ventilated and dry place for one year warranty. While the liquid type should be stored in anti-corrosion container or storage pond for six months warranty.

2. The solid product should be transported by truck, and the liquid type should be transported by tank car.

3. This products are corrosive, should avoid being inhaled or touched. Please flush with a large amount of water immediately once touched.

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