Poly Ferric Sulfate 21% ACS US$160 Per Ton

Poly Ferric Sulfate 21% ACS US$160 Per Ton

Poly Ferric Sulfate (21% ACS) US$160 per ton
Product type: Chemical Synthesis Special level: ACS Reagent Purity: ≥21% Package: Packed in 25 or 50 kg woven bag or ton bag Delivery time: less than 7 days Aliases: Polymerized ferrous sulfate, Polyiron or polyiron sulfate Welcome to guarantee order and inquiry!

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Product Description

Poly Ferric Sulfate 21% ACS US$160 Per Ton

Poly Ferric Sulfate, the solid 21% ACS ,price range 160-200USD, liquid 11% ACS price range 80-110USD. 

This kind of products with SGS and MSDS certificate.

MOQ: from 1 ton. After sale: ETD/ETA period Guarantee.


What is Poly Ferric Sulfate?


Poly Ferric Sulfate 21% ACS US$160 Per Ton Main ingredients: pure product

Appearance and properties: yellow or reddish brown amorphous powder or granular solid.

pH (10g/L aqueous solution): 2-3

Melting point (℃): 190 (253kPa)

Boiling point (℃): no information

Relative density (water = 1): 2.44

Relative vapor density (air=1): no data

Saturated vapor pressure (kPa): 0.13 (100℃)

Solubility: easily soluble in water, alcohol, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, slightly soluble in benzene.


Polyferric sulfate is an inorganic polymer coagulant with superior performance. Its morphology is a pale yellow amorphous powdery solid, which is easily soluble in water. A 10% (mass) aqueous solution is a reddish-brown transparent solution with hygroscopicity. Polyferric sulfate is widely used in the purification treatment of drinking water, industrial water, various industrial wastewater, urban sewage, and sludge dehydration.

Also known as polyferric or polyferric sulfate. Polymerized ferrous sulfate.
[Fe2(OH)n(SO4)3-n/2]m  Properties: inorganic polymer coagulant


Poly Ferric Sulfate 21% ACS application


New, high-quality, high-efficiency iron salt inorganic polymer flocculant, mainly used for excellent water purification effect, good water quality, free of harmful substances such as aluminum, chlorine and heavy metal ions, and no water transfer of iron ions, non-toxic and non-toxic It is safe and reliable, and has significant effects on removing turbidity, decolorization, deoiling, dehydration, sterilization, deodorization, algae removal, COD, BOD and heavy metal ions in water. It is also used in industrial wastewater treatment, such as printing and dyeing wastewater, and it is also widely used in casting, papermaking, medicine, tanning, etc.

Buy Poly Ferric Sulfate 21% ACS From Changlong

1. Visit our online pharmacy and fill in an order of Poly Ferric Sulfate 21% ACS materials.

2. Define place of delivery, quantity of the product and the way of payment.

3. In the period of 30 minutes, you will receive a confirmation of your order.

4. It will be sent out within 12 hours.

Q1: Are you a manufacture or trader?

A1: We are a manufacturer in China, located in Shenzhen, Guangdong.

Q2: May I have a sample order?

A2: Yes, free sample is welcome to test quality. Please feel free to contact us/leave a message with your contact information. Sample is free, only delivery fee needs to be paid.

Q3: What is your acceptable payment term?

A3: L/C, T/T and etc.

Q4: How about the validity of the offer? 

A4: Usually our offer is valid for 1 week. However, validity might vary between different products. Keep in touch with sales to find out the latest price.

Q5: What documents you provide? 

A5: Usually, we provide Commercial Invoice, Packing List, bill of loading, COA, SGS, MSDS and Origin certificate. Please let us know if you need additional documents.

Q6: What is loading port? 

A6: Usually loading port is Shenzhen port, we also can ship from Shanghai, Qingdao or any main port in China if you need.


Q7: What’s the package of the cargoes? 

A7: 50kg/25kg woven bags, within plastic bags, or as customized.



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