Sodium Sulfite
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Sodium Sulfite

Sodium Sulfite
Synonyms: Sulfur oxygen powder , Anhydrous Sodium Sulfite.

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Product Description

Sodium Sulfite

Synonyms: Sulfur oxygen powder , Anhydrous Sodium Sulfite.


It is strong reducing agent, soluble in water and beco  me acidic aqueous solution, releases SO2 and generates corresponding salts when contact with strong acid.

It won’t volatilize SO2 during the process of use, and has good and safe operate ring environment.


(1)Mainly used to restore chrome contained wastewater of industrial electroplating sewage and come to the purpose of getting rid of chrome. Also used for the oil field wastewater treatment.

(2)Used as the deoxidizer and bleacher in printing & dyeing industry and improve the whiteness of boiled refined things.

(3)Used for the treatment of boiler feedwater.

3.Quality Specification

Executive Standard HG/T 2967-2000




white or light yellow powder or granule

Main content  Na2SO3),% ≥


IronFe) ,%≤


water insoluble %≤


free alkalicount by Na2CO3),%≤


sodium sulfateNa2SO4,%≤


sodium chlorideNaCl,%≤


4. Recommended Brand


5. How to Use

It is suitable for treatment of toxic heavy metal wastewater such as chrome contained with higher density. It's removal rate can come up to 99% at its most suitable ph valve. 

6.Packing, Storage and transportation

Packed with 25 kgs woven bag.


It has character of corrosivity. Should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilate place, it will keep good for 6 months.

Q1: Are you a manufacture or trader?
A1: We are a manufacturer in China, located in Shenzhen, Guangdong.

Q2: May I have a sample order?
A2: Yes, free sample is welcome to test quality. Please feel free to contact us/leave a message with your contact information. Sample is free, only delivery fee needs to be paid.

Q3: What is your acceptable payment term?
A3: L/C, T/T and etc.

Q4: How about the validity of the offer?
A4: Usually our offer is valid for 1 week. However, validity might vary between different products. Keep in touch with sales to find out the latest price.

Q5: What documents you provide?
A5: Usually, we provide Commercial Invoice, Packing List, bill of loading, COA, SGS, MSDS and Origin certificate. Please let us know if you need additional documents.

Q6: What is loading port?
A6: Usually loading port is Shenzhen port, we also can ship from Shanghai, Qingdao or any main port in China if you need.

Q7: What’s the package of the cargoes? 

A7: 50kg/25kg woven bags, within plastic bags, or as customized.

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